After graduating from Middlesex University I freelanced for a few years as a prop maker and model maker for the BBC and ITV.

homepage, aboutI have worked as a professional illustrator for many years and have had the good fortune to work with a range of clients, including publishers, museums, theatres, retailers, advertising and even a pub (no pint pulling involved!). I have created original illustrations for children’s fiction (both fiction, reference and educational), adult fiction, editorial, theme parks, and even lingerie!

I have quite a lot of experience illustrating reading guides and so am familiar with the tight budgets that educational publishers have. I am therefore open to discussing fees.

As you will find from looking at my portfolios I have a range of styles that are all me, but it means I can work in many different ways, depending on a client’s needs.

If you cannot find what you are looking for by looking at my portfolios or using the ‘search’ button, please do not hesitate to contact me. I may very well have exactly what you are looking for hidden away in my studio!