Silly dragons

Silly dragons

Sometimes you just have to have some fun as an illustrator.  As a good friend of mine really likes dragons, I thought I’d work on a few dragon illustrations. However rather than overtly scary and ferocious, I thought I’d opt for funny. And maybe even try cute! So I’ve been drawing silly dragons. I am … [Read more…]


backbreaking, flower illustrations, drawing clouds

I have, quite literally, had a backbreaking weekend. Managed to fall from a ladder, five feet up, whilst pruning a bay tree! Of course I did not have a soft landing! Landing onto tree roots from a height of five feet is not recommended readers as it inevitable results in backbreaking situations. Of course my … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone that visits my site and are brave enough to read my batty blogs a Merry Christmas. I’d also like to share with you some funny alternative songs for little ones and some of my Christmas mice pictures too? Apart from the cheery We Wish You A Merry Christmas and the traditional  Jingle … [Read more…]