I have, quite literally, had a backbreaking weekend. Managed to fall from a ladder, five feet up, whilst pruning a bay tree! Of course I did not have a soft landing!

Landing onto tree roots from a height of five feet is not recommended readers as it inevitable results in backbreaking situations. Of course my phone was nowhere near me and I was on my own. So while lying in agony, contemplating the universe and how the hell I was going to get up, I thought to myself, “well this could be a blog post.”  In the end, by the sheer determination of will power, I got myself up. I struggled in doors to get to a phone, aware of the fact I had definitely busted something. Now most people at this stage would dial for ermergency services. No, I announce what I’ve done to get immediate assistance on Facebook. It worked. Within five minutes my parents turned up. By this stage I had done the sensible thing and called for an ambulance, which took an agonising twenty-five minutes to arrive! By the time it turned up, I was ready for that gas and air! Consuming vast quantaties of it (it’s heady stuff) they were able to get me onto an ambulance. The silver lining in this cloud was that because it was a spinal injury, there was no hanging around in A & E (Accident and Emergency). The cloud in this silver lining was that because it was a spinal injury I was strapped to a scoop and head brace for hours! Turned out I had fractured three Transverse Processors, so achieved quite a spectacular amount of damage. I am currently being looked after, but am already itching to do some artwork and get back to work. I thought this illustration seemed very appropriate under the circumstances!



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