backbreaking, flower illustrations, drawing clouds

I have, quite literally, had a backbreaking weekend. Managed to fall from a ladder, five feet up, whilst pruning a bay tree! Of course I did not have a soft landing! Landing onto tree roots from a height of five feet is not recommended readers as it inevitable results in backbreaking situations. Of course my … [Read more…]

Weather or not?

Weather or not? or Feeling under the Weather or The Night of the Tomatoes or Weathering Heights or…   Weather or not? Many of you following this blog (hello!) will know that I am devoted to my garden. I love my little plot. It’s wonderful to sit out in the sunshine surrounded by the fruits … [Read more…]

Carry on up the jungle

Before I forget, I must set down some words about my recent adventures in gardening. The garden in my new place (see earlier) was very wild and overgrown and I wanted to get it in order before the summer so I could actually use it. After my recent spell in hospital (see not-quite-so earlier) of … [Read more…]