Touching email

Touching email…

My request for a portrait was unusual.  The only photos I have of my baby son when he was alive (he died at 4 hours old) all have breathing tubes in and one after he had passed.  There are many hurts to baby loss and the fact I only have a few photos, none which I felt able to display was so hard.

I thought many times about having a portrait done but felt It would be hard to ask someone to do this as to be honest as having to share such a sad story and such very personal photos is not an easy thing.  If I wanted it to be done – it also had to be perfect (had standard to achieve!).

I was looking on facebook and totally by accident came across a portrait Lyn had done of my friends nephew and it was stunning.   It was so good I immediately emailed his mum and asked for the artists details.    I then composed Lyn a message and later sent all the photos I had.   Lyn was incredibly understanding and put me straight at ease and gave me the confidence in her to commission my the portrait (I had looked at two other artists but never felt like this with them).

I opened the proof with trepidation and It was like looking at a portrait of my living son! My mum always said that Billy looked like his brother but in the trauma of it all I was never sure.  Lyn had not seen any photos of my living children so this was proof that he actually did.

I feel Lyn has given me back my baby, I can now display his portrait with my other children without explanations.   Instead of looking at him as a baby with the tubes in and remembering the failure they represent, I can look at the photo and see how beautiful he looked.

This letter can never express how much this portrait means to me, it is more than I could have ever have dreamed of.

Thanks Anita

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